October 24th Stage 91 – Saint Miguel de Allende to Queretaro

This was a day that was forecast to be a bad day because we were going to be riding a lot of highway shoulders and arriving in a town of over 1 million people. In fact it turned out to be a day where the highways were almost empty, compared to some we have ridden along, and riding into town after lunch, as a group, was nowhere near as bad as everyone imagined.

We started off in possibly colder temperatures than yesterday and I even had my arm warmers and gilet on, long time since I wore those!! Anyway, unlike yesterday it began to get warmer soon after 9am and by the time we reached lunch I took of my gilet and when I finished the day it was getting up into the 20C’s. Nothing exciting to see on the way out of town and soon we were on a reasonably wide main road with not too much traffic. We split up after about 20K and Dom and I rode together as usual. His arm felt okay this morning and by tonight it was looking pretty good compared to last night. So we carried on and joined the first of the highways and just kept going until we joined another one and finally reached lunch. Everyone remarked as to how light the traffic had been and was happy that we had not had any problems.

After lunch Cristiano had asked that we ride the last 15K into town as a group, simply to present a larger presence on the road and make the drivers notice us more than if we were on our own. There were a few bumpy bits of road as we went through the suburbs and got a bit closer to the town centre, but everything went well and as a final cruel touch we had a road of about 400 metres of cobbles before we finished our day with a few metres of descent road as we turned towards the hotel. So just over 70K of uneventful riding.

We went for a walk around some of the historical part of town near the hotel and had a group meal at the restaurant, in the hotel, tonight. Avril, Dom and I then went out for our customary ice cream afterwards!

Tomorrow was threatened to be 145K but Cristiano has found a more sensible route of only 112K, so I think I will ride the whole day.

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One Response to October 24th Stage 91 – Saint Miguel de Allende to Queretaro

  1. Alex Klopfer says:


    I hope you get this in time to pass on my congratulations to you, Nina, Elka, Michael, Natalie, Dom and Stirling!

    What an incredible accomplishment, only 7 people in the whole wide world did it!

    Give my best to Avril, Christiano, Hayley, John and Andreas as well.

    What a crew!

    Safe journey home and perhaps our paths will cross again. I’m almost back to normal and eying the St. Petersburg to Bratislava section of the Trans-Europe trip next year.


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